Data Backup & Data Recovery

Data recovery is something you do not want to go through. Hard drives go bad often. It is something every computer user needs to be aware of. This is why file backups are so important.

File backup rules

You should have three backups. One will need to be on-site for quick recovery, on another disk that is not connected to your computer. A second backup needs to be off-site, in case of total loss of your home, business or place that the computer is stored. A third backup needs to be online. Having all three backups give you options should data recovery be necessary and lessen the expense of your emergency. We offer backup solutions for our customers. If you’d like help preventing a need for data recovery, please contact us for assistance.

What to do

In the case of boot failure, accidentally deleted files or a wiped hard drive, it is possible a technician can recover your data that you’ve lost. If this is something that you just discovered — it is very important that you don’t don’t delay repairs and attempt to recover on your own. There are many ways to make the situation worse causing permanent loss of data.  We have the tools and training for data recovery. We can recover data from hard drives, Microsoft Outlook, USB flash drives and SD cards.

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